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KW DDC coilover kits
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KW DDC coilover kits - Dynamic Damping Control
KW DDC Gewindefahrwerke

KW DDC coilover kits

With electronic damping control

With the new Dynamic Damping Control, DDC, KW has designed a new coilover suspension, which uses the original 3-way button to adjust the damping. KW combines the individual height adjustability of the coilover suspension with the adaptive OEM damping control.

The driver can choose between 3 modes: "Comfort" for bad road conditions or just a relax ride, "Normal" for sporty daily use as the best compromise between performance and ride comfort or "Sport" for best handling and response.

There is no additional assembly effort.

The kit retains all advantages of a typical KW coilover kit, means:

The lowering can be adjusted in between the TÜV certificated adjusting range. The stainless steel technology "inox-line" guarantees that all parts remain movable, even under heavy use and salty winter time.

The new dynamic damping system, DDC, is available as a complete plug and play solution for the VW Golf MK VI, Passat 3C and the Scirocco, equipped with OE damping control.

Please pay attention on these references:
2) Height adjustable front and rear axles (front axle threaded strut housings,
rear axle spring with height adjustment perch + dampers)
57) Only for cars with a clamp diameter of 54,6 mm on the front axle

Individuality by the push of a button.

KW DDC coilover kit stands for Dynamic Damping Control in combination with a proven KW coilover kit in stainless steel technology inox-line. The KW DDC coilover kit allows an individual lowering and three different damper setups by the push of a button for an easy adaptation to the respective road conditions. It can be chosen between a basic setup for sporty driving on normal roads, a comfortable setup for un-even/poor road surfaces and the extra sporty setup for maximum driving dynamics on well maintained roads and race tracks.

The different damper settings will be controlled electronically with a proportional valve that regulates the flow of oil in the damper in milliseconds.

The KW DDC coilover kit is available as "DCC Plug&Play" solution for VW cars with standard electronic damping control for an easy replacement of the series dampers.

With the KW DDC coilover kit "DDC ECU" an electronic damping control system can be upgraded, which also may optionally be controlled and programmed via an app.

KW coilover kit DDC "Plug & Play"

The Plug & Play solution of the KW DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) coilover kit was developed for VW models, which have a standard Electronic Damper Control (VW DCC). The standard dampers can easily be replaced by the KW DDC coilover kit. The existing control unit and the interior switch that was installed for the operation of the damper control will be kept. For the first time the KW DDC coilover kit combines the advantages of a KW coilover kit and the comfort of standard damper control. By pushing a button, the driver can choose between Comfort-, Normal- and Sport-setup. Also the KW coilover kit allows an individual lowering in the TÜV-tested adjustment range.

KW DDC coilover kit "DDC ECU"

The KW DDC (Dynamic Damping Control) coilover kit with ECU (Electronic Control Unit) was developed for individual lowering and installation of an electronic damping control system. The scope of delivery contains a KW inox-line coilover kit with electronically controlled dampers, a high-performance control unit, the car specific cable set with control switch and a detailed manual for an easy installation.

The KW DDC coilover kit has three car specific developed damper settings. By the push of a button the driver can choose between the Sport basic setup, a very Sporty and performance-oriented Sport + setup and the Comfort mode for un-even/poor road surfaces. The height adjustment of KW coilover kits also allow an individual lowering within the TÜV-tested adjustment range.

KW "DDC App" (only for DDC ECU)

Optional for KW DDC ECU solutions available damping control for iPhone, iPod or iPad. With the DDC app you can also save up to five own individual setups programmed by yourself, and share them with your friends via e-mail. A variable damper setting of 0% (maximum comfort) up to 100% (maximum Sport+), as well as the separate damper setting for front and rear axle is possible and will be transmitted via iPhone within milliseconds to the dampers. For the communication between iPhone and KW DDC control unit, a KW DDC W-LAN module is required.

The KW DDC APP is available for free in the App store.