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Motorsport 2011: Drift

2011 - King of Europe Drift Series Round 5 2011 - the third year in spain.

After 4 rounds of King of Europe during the last 3 months and 4 weeks break, Kind of Europe started again from 19th until 21st august in Castelloli near Barcelona. Not only nicy weather and hot girls, but also new drivers from Italy, Spain and France join...
2011 - Italian drifting Championship D Stella CSAI

On the famous italian track of Imola on 16 and 17th of July there was the second race of the italian drifting Championship D1 Stella, the only italian championsip CSAI recognised.An important and difficult technical race but very important for the drive...
2011 - Formula DRIFT returned to Evergreen Speedway for Round 5: Throwdown

Daijiro Yoshihara Takes the Victory and the Lead in the Standings
2011 - King of Europe - KW Drift Series Round 3

Europe´s only drift series is back! An explosive mixture of drift, gorgeous rides and hot curves in every sense - that´s what it´s all about at King of Europe....
May 2011 - 2nd round of KW - King of Europe Drift Series

The 2nd round of KW - King of Europe Drift Series was hosted at the Serres Race Circuit in Greece from the 16th to 17th of May. Helios the god of the sun in Greek mythology was positive tempered and it was a fantastic sunny & hot weekend. Several thousand...