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Project Cars

GALLERY: KW Automotive @ SEMA 2013 (11/07/2013):

SEMA is a show that packs plenty of performance wherever you look. From drift cars to road racers and everything in between, SEMA covers just about all motorsport disciplines and we’re hugely proud to have KW suspension products on a wide range of cars across the show. Yesterday we showed you Ken Gushi’s new Scion FR-S drift car running our Competition 3-way damper. Take a look at some of the other impressive machines running KW products in the SEMA gallery below. We will be taking a in depth look at some of these stunning cars very soon.

SPOTLIGHT: Ken Gushi’s 2014 GReddy x Scion Racing FR-S (11/07/2013):

IMG_4385It’s not unusual to see a car built especially for SEMA, but truth be told many of these wild and bespoke rides rarely see any road use after hours. Safe to say that isn’t the case with Ken Gushi’s new GReddy x Scion Racing FR-S which is set to compete in Formula Drift very soon…

Now running a monster 3.0-litre 2JZ-GTE Supra engine Ken’s FR-S delivers an earth-shattering 750bhp/730 lb-ft to the rear wheels thanks to a wide range of GReddy upgrades. Grip definitely isn’t a problem here either, with 19in Gram Lights laying down Hankook 235/35/19 tyres up front and 275/35/19 at the rear.

Belltech 1997 returns to the shop for Suspension and Brakes (Oct/02/2013):

Shackle, Shock, Flip Kit and C-NotchToday we will focus on the chassis and brake build up on our 1997 Chevrolet short bed regular cab truck.


We were able to pull the truck away from Valens Collision Center where they have already started the bodywork on the truck.  Having the bed off of the chassis allows us complete and total access to all parts of suspension very easily allowing us to complete the tasks quicker which is key when you are under the SEMA time crunch. 



New ball Joints were needed, Tech Advisor Adam Tormey handles the workThe rolling chassis had been through 230,000 long miles. Because of this, we took the chance to replace all of the “wear” parts that would’ve been done in regular maintenance along the way. So this truck received new ball joints, pitman arms, tie rod ends and any other replaceable that we could find on the suspension to help the truck feel like the day it rolled off the assembly line but with all the cool new Belltech parts. 


This truck was also previously lowered was some cheap knock off parts. All of these made their way into the trash bin very quickly. So that we could replace them with the quality Belltech suspension that is designed to work together as a complete lowering and handling kit. 


The great thing about having the chassis in-house for work is how many people can be involved in the build.  Adam Tormey, one of our technical advisers, was able to get away from the desk for a little bit and come out and wrench. “It was great working one-on-one with our Brand Manager Roel and getting to see the parts that we talk about on the phones everyday getting installed on  this project”


Tech Advisor Brent Estrada shows some TIG welding skillsWe were also able to get a hold of our friends at Wilwood for our brakes, although they do not have a direct bolt on kit for this application, with the help and support of the Tech team at Wilwood, we were able to select parts from other kits to make an upgraded fitment for our needs. You also note another technical advisor, Brent Estrada being able to stretch the boundaries, get away from the phones, and do a little TIG welding. In this case some custom work we needed to be done to the spindle pins to make them work with the Wilwood brake kit. This kit features six piston fronts and four piston rears and much larger rotors to handle the braking chores. 


In total the truck is lowered 5 inches in the front and 7 inches in the rear. Front Belltech parts include Street Performance shocks, Lowering springs, and Drop spindles as well as a new sway bar. In the rear of the truck we added a sway bar, our Flip Kit with a C-notch, Shackles, Street Performance Shocks, and a shock extension kit. 


With all the parts complete and installed on the truck, we are shipping it back to the body shop for the remainder of the bodywork and paint. With only a month left in the build we are looking forward to seeing this truck completed in its bright red color and back in our hands for the final touches.

Belltech Chevrolet C-10 gets a Full Body Makeover (Oct/01/2013):

Just a peak at the final color


Welcome to the latest update on the Belltech SEMA trucks. As you may remember we have five trucks in full process for this year’s SEMA to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Belltech brand. 


In this blog post we will focus on the bodywork on our 1973 C-10 short bed pickup truck. The truck was purchased here locally in Central California and became part of the Belltech family only a short two months before the SEMA deadline. 


All of the body work and paint on this vehicle were handled by Adam Berg and his team at Settin Trendz in Clovis California. We have worked with Adam on several projects in the past most recently our 2009 crew cab Silverado build. 


As you can imagine working on a 40-year-old vehicle presents its own certain set of challenges. In this case we thought our C-10 was pretty clean only to find out that several hidden bodywork challenges would surface during the teardown of the truck. One body panel featured Bondo where some amateur body man had a shop rag stuffed in the dent for filler. “Yeah, we have found that no matter how clean you think the truck is, you are always going to find some surprises” Says Berg “We’ve have just grown used to it and fixing those errors the right way is just the way we like to do business, no shortcuts”


Nevertheless layer-by-layer the “how should we say ugly” yellow paint was removed to reveal bare metal underneath. Along the way the C-10 was tricked out with everything being smoothed and shaved. Gone are the holes for the mirrors, door handles, stake pockets and tailgate handle. These were all replaced by clean new sheet-metal. The steel roll pan was welded into place and gas doors from two donor Chevrolet S-10’s were grafted into place to replace the old stock external gas caps.  Once all the modifications were complete and perfect, the bodywork process began. Hours and hours of block sanding later and the perfect product went into the paint booth. 


The paint came out smooth and mirror like, I would love to show you the finished truck, but we need to save a little something for the reveal, but you can see from the sample photo of the cab the finished product is going to look awesome under the Las Vegas sunshine. 

Tailgate handle relocated 

Stay tuned to this blog for more updates as each one of the trucks moves forward each and every day as the deadline to SEMA grows closer.





2013 Silverado gets lowered by Belltech and brakes by Wilwood (09/30/2013):

Belltech spindles on the 2013As SEMA draws near and the deadline is just a few short weeks away, it seems the task list on the five Belltech SEMA builds never get any shorter, but everyday the talented team at Belltech and our many marketing partners are working on the builds.  Today we will showcase the suspension and brake upgrades on the 2013 Chevrolet Silverado Standard Cab.

Of course the truck is getting the best of the best Belltech lowering solution, slamming it with our biggest static drop.  The front part list includes spindles, Lift / Lowering shocks, Alignment Kit,  Springs and a front Swaybar. In this configuration we were able to reach a full 5 inch drop up front. For the rear of the truck we installed the Full flip kit with our new C-notch, Street Performance Shocks and rear Swaybar. with all of the parts in place and a little tweaking we were able to reach a full 8 inch drop in the back end of the truck.



Wilwood Front Brakes on the 2013For the stopping power we continue to rely on the team and product at Wilwood.  The Big Brake Kit offers 6 Piston calipers up front that clamp down on 16 inch rotors.  The rear has 4 piston calipers that will pull the 14 inch rear rotors to a strong, fast, fade-free stop.



Now with these modifications and improvements in place we can send the 2013 Silverado off to the body shop for its turn for body changes and  custom paint process.  Looking forward to seeing the result on this full color change truck.


Rear Wilwood Brakes on the 2013 Silverado