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SEMA Showcase: Allan Lee’s Dodge Viper (11/02/2010):

Allan Lee's Dodge Viper equipped with KW coiloversAlan Lee, the Belgium-born, world traveled, tri-lingual Renaissance man is in a league of his own.  Motorcycle builder at heart, Alan Lee on his spare time builds exotics one-off custom cars on the side. Stateside he has succeeded as a motorcycle designer/builder seen on television that has amazed some of the world’s most exclusive clients. In Europe, with half-a lifetime of experience in working with exotic cars, he exemplifies an attention to performance and detail; as this skill is slowly disappearing in this new day. He is not part of any trend or scene, though he is very aware of their dynamics and details as he watches it all from his secluded L.A home/shop. This is no limited, under-experienced backyard amateur builder. Nor is this a stifled corporation complete with all its restrictions.

SEMA Showcase: 2010 Full Tilt Mazda RX8 (11/02/2010):

2010 Full Tilt Mazda RX-8Driven by Joon Maeng , this purpose built 2004 Full Tilt Nitto Mazda RX-8 competes in the Formula Drift challenge, hitting every apex, sliding around the asphalt with such precision as if it were a figure skater on ice moving with such fluidity. Placing 1st at the Long Beach Team Drift awards and currently 12th in the overall championship point standings. Joon and team Full Tilt is well on their way to a successful season.

SEMA Showcase: 2006 Nissan 350z (11/02/2010):

Nissan 350Z SEMA SHOW 2010, equipped with KW suspensionsFor many car enthusiasts, the age old answer to a project build is, that “It will never be finished as it is always on-going”.  Nicholas Ashby 2006 Nissan 350z has more mods then you can possibly imagine. But as they say, it’s all in the details. His goal for the build is to eventually build a full fledge racecar using the stock platform.  As the story  goes Nicholas started the project out with some upgrades to the 3.5L VQ platform as it came by way of a Stillen stage2 intercooled Supercharger. The power mod only left Nicholas with a hefty itch for more power, as the supercharger wasn’t satisfying his need to go fast.  Out came the engine and in came a tuned VQ 4.2 L high performance engine.

KW equipped BMW drift car makes the cover ot eurotuner Magazine (07/30/2010):

bmw 335i drift carBeing the first european car in the professional level of the Formula DRIFT series isn’t easy, but thats exactly what Michel Essa, Pro Formula DRIFT driver wanted. To be different, Essa teamed up with GSR Motorsports and KW suspensions to build the ultimate BMW drift car based on a E92 335i but powered by the amazing M5 V10 motor.








KW Variant 3 coilovers featured in’s Project Audi TTS:SF (07/22/2010):

Audi an online Audi enthusiast media site has undertaken a new project car, the 2010 Audi TTS. In part 5 of this car’s build up, chose to install KW Variant 3 coilovers that featured KW’s Audi/W MAG RIDE eliminator, which allows for the installation of non-Mag Ride coilovers without causing a fault code or CEL light. Learn more about these quality KW features by watching the webisode below.



audi vw mag ride eliminator