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Technik Übersicht

Technology overview

For us, performance means to develop custom-made solutions for our customers offering a high degree of efficient processes and setting standards in terms of technology, functionality and quality.
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Damper basics

KW spring strut construction

High-quality components and a unique technology are combined in one product.

KW aluminum spring struts

Adjustable spring struts made of high-strength aluminum and a special sealing system.

KW polyamide ring nut

Corrosion-resistant and extremely light spring plate made of polyamide composite material.

KW "inox-line"

By using stainless steel, KW sets highest standards and guarantees an extremely high quality and long durability as well as a perfect look.

Patented KW valve technology

With this 2-way compression valve technology, two basically incompatible characteristics – dynamics and driving comfort – can be uniquely combined.

Piston rod steering- and sealing kit

Allows customer-specific adjustments of valve technology or deviation ratio.

7-post dyno

With the 7-post drive dynamics test stand, KW offers test conditions in the laboratory ideally supporting subjective road tests.

Installation Instructions